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Victoria 4 Plus

OMG, this is FANTASTIC product and for such a low price! Thank you very-very much!
Anastasiya Igolkina - Artist, Graphics Guru, Illusions Designs customer
The best dressed Poser characters are here
Our clothing line is amazingly beautiful and the quality is spectacular.
About our clothing props  
Our clothing designers are top notch artists with extensive experience in modeling, rigging and conforming clothing props for the Millennium figures.

The quality of work and the fitting is second to none. The style is of great taste and elegance always plays a part whether is casual, fantasy or action.
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  • Beauty, charm and elegance
  • Superior quality and affordability
  • Outstanding craftsmanship and always a perfect fitting.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Broad compatibility with today's software
  • Great customer support
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