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Victoria 4 Plus

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A really wonderfully detailed robust figure- skin & eye detail is great for close-ups. A real plug & Play kind of packages!--Thanks, Illusions!
Michael Booth - Artist, Writer, Photographer, Illusions Designs customer
ID Couples bundles are simply the best
Our models are beautiful, excellent texture resolution, affordable
and extremely simple and easy to use.
About our Couples bundles Browse all bundlede packages!
Our couples bundles have the same desired craftsmanship and quality as all our singles packages do. The packages are a combination of different packages, male and female, carefully selected and bundled together.
Our bundles also have something else that is very important when purchasing Poser character packages; great valued price. You basically get 2 packages for the price of one all year round.
IMPORTANT - Substitution for customers who own one of the characters on the bundle ONLY
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  • Simply perfect for all your renders, fantasy or action and romantic scenes
  • Superior quality and affordability
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Broad compatibility with today's software
  • Great customer support
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