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Victoria 4 Plus

PERFECTION! don't know what else to say. the morphs are perfect, the texture is perfect, the second skins are PERFECT!!!!!
Marteeka Karland - Artist, Writer, Book Illustrator, Illusions Designs customer
Create a world of Illusions with our premium Poser Models
Our models are beautiful, excellent texture resolution, affordable
and extremely simple and easy to use.
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We only use the best quality resources to create our models. Ultra high resolution photos taken from living individuals. We also use the most effective method of assembling our characters. The craftsmanship and care our artists take during construction is second to none.
And than there is the beauty. Our character models are hailed as the best and the most beautiful in the world of Poser.
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  • Full compatibility with DAZ|Studio
  • Simply perfect for all your pinup , fantasy or action renders
  • Superior quality and affordability
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Broad compatibility with today's software
  • Great customer support
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