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  ID Indian Fantasy Gazebo[Sets & Props] $7.95 $9.95


This exquisitely built Gazebo has the flair of the orient.  A remarkable package, with many possibilities.
 This set not only includes all the tool you will require to construct you own gazebo and surrounding area, but also  3 fully composed pz3 files, giving you instant usage.
This set also comes with a background plane that could be adapted to use not only the included photo, skillfully taken by jenay himself, but also any personal photographs and add-ons.


- 1 stone balustra pillar
- 1 stone balustrada along with railing
- 2 assembled Indian styled fantasy balustradas
- 1octogonal base plate
- 1stone octogonal ring element
- 1 baseplane for all purposes
- 1 Indian styled archway
- 1 complete arranged and fully textured Indian styled Gazebo along
   with Indian styled cupola (cupola is a separate prop, parented to the
   gazebo and can be moved/removed or scaled)
- 1 Indian styled arch/vault element
- 1Indian styled pillar
- 3 sockets (one rectangular, one octogonal, one fantasy) for all purposes
- 1 stone bench
- 1 simple urn for all purposes
- 1 stone railing element
- 1 simple plane for the background

Plus a set of white marble textures, some of them have a "faked" 3D look

Plus 3 pre-assembled scenes for ease of use along with background and
light settings.
System Requirements:
? Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP
? Poser 4, 5, 6, 7or DazStudio
? 700MHz Pentium class or compatible
? 128MB System RAM (256MB recommended)
? 24-bit color display 1024x 768 resolution
? 18MB free hard disk space
? File download size: 17.6 Megabytes



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