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  Natzuko for V4.2-A4-G4-Elite[Clothing-Pro] $8.40

Natzuko V4.2-A4-G4-Elite - TALADESIGN

About this package:
Natsuko is a conforming outfit for your V4 / A4 / Girl4 and Elite.
Includes: Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets, Panty, Skirt and Top all in 3 different textures.

Included Morphs:
Fitness,Amazon,BodyBuilder,Thin,Young, Voluptuous,Bulk,PearFigure,Heavy, TorsoThickness,StomachDepth, BellyThickness,TummyOut, BellySmooth,BellyThin, WaistWidth,HipsSize, HipsCrest,GlutesSize, GlutesRaiseR,GlutesRaiseL, ThighsThickness,ThighsTone, All Aiko 4 Girl 4 and Elite Morphs

Fitness,Amazon,BodyBuilder Thin,Young,Voluptuous Bulk,PearFigure,Heavy LatsSize,TrapsSize,WaistWidth BellySmooth,BellyThickness,StomachDepth TorsoThickness,Inhale,AdjustWaist AdjustTorsoUp,AdjustNeck BreastDownR,BreastDownL BreastInR,BreastInL BreastOutR,BreastOutL BreastCleavage,BreastCleavageWidth BreastDiameter,BreastHangForward BreastImplant,BreastLarge BreastNatural,BreastSize All Aiko 4 Girl 4 and Elite Morphs

Fitness,Amazon,BodyBuilder Thin,Young,Voluptuous Bulk,PearFigure,Heavy TorsoThickness,StomachDepth BellyThickness,TummyOut BellySmooth,BellyThin WaistWidth,HipsSize HipsCrest,GlutesSize GlutesRaiseR,GlutesRaiseL ThighsThickness,ThighsTone All Aiko 4 Girl 4 and Elite Morphs

Complete list of files: Readme_Natzuko-V4-A4-G4-Elite

System Requirements:
? Victoria 4.2 plus head/body morphs, Aiko 4 plus head/body morphs from Daz3D ( )
? Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Vista
? e-Frontier Poser 5, 6 and 7 ONLY - This product may work on Poser 4 or Poser PP, however it has not being tested.
? 700MHz Pentium class or compatible
? 256MB System RAM (512MB recommended)
? 24-bit color display 1024x 768 resolution
? 15 MB free hard disk space
? File download size:
14.8 Megabytes
? Released: August 2009


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