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Weather you are a Guest or a Member you can add Store items to a Wish List.
Just look for this button at the bottom of each item's page.

You do not have to be a Member or be signed on in order to add items to the Wish List. HOWEVER, once a Guest leaves the site the Wish basket will be emptied. Once the Guest's session is terminated, so is their Guest Wish List.

Guests and Members alike can e-mail their Wish List to multiple people, friends or relatives, up to 10 recipients at the time. When the recipient open his/her e-mail they will have links directly to the items on your Wish List.

If a Guest starts a Wish List and then signups, the Wish List is converted to the database and he/she gets to maintain the list stored on their account.

When a Customer adds products to their Wish List before they log in the items the items will be merged merged with their existing products in their Wish List when they do log in.

Upon checkout if the Customer is buying the product, the product is removed from their Wish List otherwise the item(s) remains on the list until is either purchased or the Customer removes it manually.

In order to purchase the item(s) on your Wish List you first have to add the items from the Wish List to the Cart.
When a user adds an item from their Wish List, it displays "Item in Cart" instead of removing it from the Wish List. Once a user checks out, it will check to see if they are buying anything from their wish list and at that point remove it.

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Giada for Victoria 4.2
I recently bought Heaven and Promo Poses. Both products are ..
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01.Giada for Victoria 4.2
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03.Illusions 21 for V4.2-A4-G4
04.Kai Mi for Victoria 4.2
05.Cherryl for V4.2-A4-G4
06.Kitt for Michael 4
07.Ambrosia for V4.2 - Elite
08.Raissa for V4.2-A4-G4
09.Bella Linda for V4-A4-G4
10.Patchouli for Aiko 3
11.Thalia for Victoria 4.2
12.Amanda for V4 Aiko 4
13.Sweet Impressions for V4-4.2-Elite-Aiko4
14.Heaven for V4.2-A4-G4
15.Deena for V4.2 - Laura 3
16.Nara for Victoria 4
17.Illusions for Victoria 4
18.Izadora for Victoria 4.2
19.Soft & Gorgeous V4.2-A4-G4-Elite
20.Cole for Michael 4
21.Eloise for Victoria 4.2
22.Mackenzie for V3-A3
23.Lucia for Victoria 4.2
24.ID Bodyshapes V4
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