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  Daniela for Victoria 3[Victoria 3] $5.95 $9.95


Daniela is a beautiful and young character created to be almost like your "girl next door" type. She has white rosy skin, soft lips and a more tone down body compared to some of the other Illusions Designs characters.
Daniela's textures have a soft look and yet  very strong definition and incredible resolution. She is very versatile and comes with a tremendous choice  of make ups and body tattoos. An excellent addition to your Runtime folder.

Default texture, default make up, eye color and face morphs shown.
Image has slight post work. Hair is not included.

Default texture, make up eye color and face and body morphs shown.
Image shown has some  touch ups. Hair is not included.


? 1  3000x4000 HighRes Body texture
? 1  3000x4000 HighRes Body bump mat
? 1  3000x4000 HighRes Head texture
? 1  3000x4000 HighRes Head bump map
? 3  3000x4000 HighRes body tattoo textures
? 4 3000x2039 HighRes Head make up textures
? 1 1500x1500 HighRes Teeth & Gum texture
? 1 1000x1000 HighRes Eye lashes transparency
? 8  650x650 HighRes Eye color textures (L&R)
System Requirements:
? Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP
? DAZ|Studio 1.0 or Curious Labs Poser v3 or above
? 700MHz Pentium class or compatible
? 128MB System RAM (256MB recommended)
? 24-bit color display 1024x 768 resolution
? 19MB free hard disk space

Four distinctive make ups ranging from trashy to elegant are included in this package. Also fours
beautiful eye colors with reflection are provided.
Images shown have no post work.

Three beautiful and well realized body tattoos complement this package. They all come with their
own Pose file for easy and instant application.
Images shown have no post work. Hair is not included.



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